Pharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmaceutics laboratory

Formaulation Debelopment and evaluation of conventional dosage form (solids, liquids and Semiaolids)

Nano-technology (Ethosomes Liposomes, Niosomes, Transfersomes, nanoparticles)

Sustain Release Drug delivery system in Process Quality Control testing

Finished Product testing

Biotechnology laboratory

Biochemical Testing

Instrumental methods of analysis

Industrial Biotechnology (Formulation development)

Facilities for DNA electrophoresis

SDS-Page Analysis


Extraction and identification of plant bioactive compounds

Qualitiative study of plant bioactive

Quantitative study of bioactive constitiuents

Isolation of compound by column chromatography


In-Vitro and in Vivo lab facilities

Antioxidant activity (DPPH,NO,H2O2)e

In-vitro antidiabetic activity (alpha amylase and alpha glucosidase inhibition assay)

Antimicrobial Assay (Disc Diffusion, Well Diffusion )

In-vitro anti-lnflammatory activity

In-vitro antiulcer activity


Method development and validation by UV and HPLC

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of finished product and plant extracts

Separation techniques (TLC, HPLC, HPTLC)

Isolation and structural elucidation by column chromatography

Microbiology laboratory

Isolating and identification of microbesC

Isolating and identification of microbes

Antimicrobial testing

Fermentation Microbiology

Pathogenic Bacterioligy

In silico laboratory

Molecular modeling

QSAR study

Statistical analytical tools